Business Name Search and Registration Ontario

A business name is the face of an organization or a company and choosing the right name for a new business is an important decision to draw potential customers and signifies the revenue prospects. It helps clients to identify your company and also signifies your business name. A name should be easier to remember that provides information about the products or services, which can be a good choice.

Incorporation of the business is done by business name and the business name which is distinctive attracts more number of clients for your business that helps to build wider opportunities and stand ahead of the rest of the competitors. The name of the business should have a sole purpose that describes your goods or services that you provide to your customers.

Name Search

Name search for your business is a crucial aspect and in fact a final decision for your corporate identity. But, before making any final decision or giving order forms or business cards, you may require to know if someone else is already using the name which you have chosen. Therefore, it is required to do preliminary or more accurate name search. It is recommended to use the business name that describes the general idea of the nature of your business organization or corporation.

After selection of the business name, you can also perform a name search in advance in order to simplify the process.

YAG Accounting a wide range of options for the availability of business name or corporation in the most comprehensive application name search platform.

Business Name Search Services include:

  • Name Availability
  • Name Reservation
  • Name Verification
  • Name Monitoring
  • Locating a Business
  • Federal Incorporation Name Pre-Approval

Registering your business name in Ontario

YAG Accounting provides assistance for registering/renewing sole proprietorship, general partnership or business name of an organization or corporation under the guidelines and rules of the Ontario Business Names Act.

Our services for business name search and registering the name in Ontario is the most systematic way to follow the process which provides vast amount of business name check and validation before the registration takes place. We ensure that the process is streamlined and time-saving for filling in the application form in the most simplified manner.

Business Name Registration

According to the Business Name Act, any business operating in Ontario with a name other than the owner's exact name, it is required to be registered with the Province. Incorporating a business helps in protecting the business name and/or can even apply for a trademark.

The name of a new business name should be different than the owner's legal name and the registration is valid for up to 5 years and it should be renewed before the expiration. A Master Business License will be issued upon registration of your business name. In case of opening a business bank account, a proof of business name registration should be furnished to the authorize bank.

YAG Accounting offers the best services and solutions of Business Name Search and Registration in Ontario.