CRA Audit London Ontario

Yag Accounting provides CRA Audit in London Ontario by understanding the vital component of your business or personal finances.


"The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), formerly known as Revenue Canada and the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency is a Canadian agency of federal government that administers Canadian tax laws for the Government of Canada for most provinces and territories in Canada, international trade legislation, and various social and economic benefit and incentive programs through the tax system."

CRA Audit Representation

It may be unusual or a worrisome if you receive a letter from CRA mentioning that your tax returns have been selected for auditing. This might be due to tax and accounting terms are not fully understood, it may have been incorrectly assessed or reassessed for your business or individual taxes. But you don't have to worry, as our professionals can help you to provide by looking at the overall aspects of your auditing services.

In most of the cases, people will immediately call, contact or intimidated by CRA executives the moment the CRA audit notice is received. The best way is to hire someone who known of CRA policies. Your representative will get involved in overall auditing process and other related issues by reviewing your business and personal records related to finances.

We are expertise in dealing with CRA issues due to our intense knowledge of CRA procedures and its policies including newly launch policies.

CRA Tax Auditing

To make it easier for you to confront CRA, hiring a professional accounting and tax services company makes you the right choice. Our clients rarely communicate with CRA executives and we take care of their notification order of an audit and review end-to-end.

Tax audit may involve certain factors which you may not be aware and hence you may require professionals to understand.

Moreover, the notice claims to contact the CRA urgently. However, it is crucial to avoid contacting them and instead take the assistance of a professional accounting and financial services company.

Why Hire Professionals?

We fully understand your busy schedule and time in your professional as well as personal affairs. To make you more convenient, we handle the CRA on your behalf, especially in filling for personal or business taxes, assisting you with tax re-assessments and adjustments, provide assistance with GST/HST assessments, review of taxes and assist you in complying with CRA assessment and reviews.

Our professionals fully analyze each document and understand the reason behind tax audit by CRA and prepare the report accordingly. For our clients, we ensure that we conduct reviews and prepare for filing tax returns even if they complex issues like full audit.

Yag Accounting can help you out with the CRA auditor by avoiding the risk of paying huge penalties to CRA auditor. We have highly professional tax consultants you can diligently work in order to procure fast results that can minimize your time and stress level.

If you're in need of an assistance who can handle with CRA, you can directly contact us and we offer the best consultation.