Federal Corporation in Ontario

Federal Corporation is the legal entity to register a business in Ontario, Canada. At YAG Accounting, we provide the best consulting services and advice to incorporate federal corporations in the business.

Why is Federal Corporation needed to do business?

To do business activities across Canada, incorporating a business name is essentially required to use the same name all across the province or territory in Canada. So, even if someone uses the same business or company name, you can do business with your registered name given to the federal corporation of Canada.

However, there are some criteria and steps to be followed as per the rules and regulations of the Federal Corporation of Canada. Yag Accounting is the best source of the platform which provides the best services for your business plan to register your company by analyzing all the aspects of running a business.

Whether you are looking to incorporate your existing or a new business/startup, we offer the best solutions and guide you right from initiation to completion of the process at an affordable rate that can match your expectation and budget.

Federal Corporation at Yag Accounting?

The YAG Accounting Company takes full responsibility for maintaining and managing the accuracy of all financial needs with integrity and privacy that will help in running all business operations. We have deputed staff who are very knowledgeable and have acquired great skills in the various accounting process right from start to finish in a timely and secure manner.

We provide services for following Corporations that includes:

  • Business Corporations
  • Non-Profit Corporations
  • Cooperatives
  • Board of Trade
  • Small Business Setup
  • Startups

Our staff has a high caliber in operating accounting functions efficiently in the most appropriate and ethical standards that gain the confidence level of our customers. We ensure that exceptional services are given to the clients ranging from various sectors, corporations, and organizations across Ontario, Canada.

Yag Accounting provides complete services to register a business for Federal Corporation in Ontario in the simplest and fastest registration process.

Federal Corporation Services for Business:

  • Incorporating your business
  • Selecting the right corporate name
  • Check availability of the proposed corporate name
  • Information required to registered your corporation in Ontario
    • Name and address of the business
    • NUANS report (less than 90 days old)
    • Business description and activity
    • Name and address of the Joint Directors/Shareholders
    • Registering Corporate Address
    • Filling Forms and Articles of Incorporation as well as Initial Return
  • Proper filing of Articles of Incorporation

The main advantage of incorporating your business federally is that you can open locations within Ontario and/or in other provinces and territories across Canada with the same name and corporate name protection across the country. However, you will be required to register a business in those locations.

Federal Corporation in Ontario can be an excellent choice if your business needs to be recognized and identify across nationwide. With Yag Accounting, we ensure to manage and practice in the most systematic way and simplify all the workflows in managing projects, accounting and financial tasks, coordinating with clients, and sharing the required information by keeping the documents accessible to our clients. We have been able to increase efficiency in providing the best Accounting and Financial solutions that helps to aiming objectives and goals.