Income Tax Services London Ontario

Yag Accounting provides a comprehensive Income Tax Services in London Ontario to help customers by providing income tax solutions and services. With our strong expertise and extensive knowledge in a result-oriented approach, we plan and work on income tax preparation and filling in personal income tax, corporate tax, and individual or sole proprietor income tax for the year end income tax preparation.

We effectively identify income tax planning opportunities by keeping new tax laws and regulations. We ensure that you stay on top of all the taxes your business might owe.

Income Tax Preparation

To meet all your needs, save time and cost, we provide a detail tax preparation for income returns using the secure software and online services. We have certified and qualified income tax professionals to calculate, file and sign income tax returns on behalf of individuals and businesses.

Corporate Income Tax return T2 preparation

At Yag Accounting, we plan and prepare the corporate income tax from smallest to biggest corporations and single to large public corporations. We provide strategy and skillful planning for various companies for paying tax by keeping current tax laws and regulations by the government.

Our company provides tax planning services across all major corporations, industries, sectors, manufacturing companies, retail industries, etc. We are highly specialized in using end-to-end tax resources that can save time and full value for your money.

Filing Tax Returns: If you're running a corporate business in London Ontario, we prepare a corporate income tax return (T2) by declaring the first corporate return by the year end of your organization or corporation.

Before preparation and filing of income tax returns; financial statement and balance sheet of your company are required with the details related to sales, expenses, profits and balance sheet of assets, liabilities, and equity should be recorded.

Personal Income Tax Returns T1 preparation

Yag Accounting is one of the best advisories for tax planning for individuals in connection with the formulation and implementation of strategies that can effectively handle your personal tax in a timely manner. We ensure that your needs are well answered by our experienced team of accountants in structuring organized tax efficiently.

We know that our client's business and personal taxes are the two separate elements and our income tax professionals integrate both to drive optimal results by drawing comprehensive strategies.

Our wide range of personal tax services includes:

  • Financial Planning
  • Income Reporting
  • Non-Refundable Taxes (medical expenses, donations, etc.)
  • Employment Expenses
  • Personal Wealth Planning
  • Property Rental, Real Estate
  • Filing Personal Tax Returns T1
  • Auditing

Self Employment Tax

For Self Employment individuals, we provide the best self-employed tax services that include of preparation of tax returns for sole proprietors, bookkeeping services, prepare financial statements, financing, and accounting consulting services.

Our income tax advisory provides solutions for small business or self-employed claims by looking at every aspect of looking at profession, trade, manufacturing or undertaking any kind of trade or any other activity and the evidence intended to support.

Audits and CRA Proposals

Auditing, especially for business are closely monitored by the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) for various business sizes to make sure that all the obligations and compliance are met. We strongly believe in a collaborative effort to develop a strategic financial planning by proposing tax reassessment.

We conduct business auditing services by providing detailed information available to CRA, your business records, and personal records.