Payroll Services London Ontario

YAG Accounting provides a simplified and flexible way of smoothing your business operations in the most comprehensive manner to ease out complexity by managing every aspect of payroll processing through Payroll Services across London Ontario and other locations.

Our Payroll services are administered carefully to carry out accurate payroll operations for many small and mid-sized companies as well as big established organizations. We understand that as businesses expeditiously grow, a more lot of the work force is added. Therefore, we are designated to carry our end-to-end payroll operations to serve each and every client across multiple domains.

Our Payroll firm in London Ontario assists you in maintaining records related to the amount given to the employees, daily calculations of the wages, any deductions, bonus, etc.

Why is Payroll important?

Payroll is very important and it's a crucial aspect when it comes to financial accounting perspective because payroll and payroll taxes significantly affect the net income of most of the companies or organizations. Also, there are subject to the laws and regulations under the governance compliance.

Payroll department has become critical in human resource department because employees are required to be paid timely and accurately with the correct withholdings of payroll taxes and deductions, recording of bonuses, commissions, and so on earning by employees and remitted those withholdings, deductions, commissions, etc. in a timely manner.

Payroll Solutions Department at YAG Accounting provides payroll services for all sizes of companies in the most scalable and flexible manner. A full-time payroll department is required because employees needed to be paid on time with accurate calculations, hikes, deductions, LOPs (loss of pay), depositing and reporting of taxes, etc.

Payroll Process

YAG Accounting is a perfect financial and accounting solutions company which is involved in an automated process to review and verification of payrolls to employees by adopting technology by our highly skilled and talented staff to minimize the challenges to generate payroll reports.

At YAG Accounting, you'll get full-fledged payroll services in the most accurate and timely process at the affordable rate. All you need is to send us your payroll information such as the number of hours worked and pay rate and we will prepare your complete payroll for your organization or corporate or business service.

Our Payroll Services include:

  • Issuing pay cheques to your employees
  • Issuing pay stubs containing information about net pay & payroll deductions such as CPP, EI, & income taxes.
  • Tracking Pay Period (weekly, bi-weekly or monthly)
  • Providing payroll reports
  • Preparing & e-filing annual T4s & T4 summary.
  • Issuing Record of Employment
  • Prepare payroll remittance for Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)

We have the most experienced team who provide a simple and a convenient way to make the payments in the most appropriate manner by managing every aspect of the payroll process. Our commitment to providing quality Payroll Services in London Ontario stands first by prioritizing every need of the client to ensure that the payroll is delivered without any hurdle.

We have served a variety of clients ranging from different business types to various industries for more than two decades.