We are a Certified Tax Agency with over 25 years of extensive hands-on experience in Canada and the UAE


We serve a wide-range of industries: Medical Professionals, Healthcare, Pharmacies, IT Firms, Restaurants, Real Estate, Construction, Contracting, Publishers and many others.

VAT Services

Registration & De-Registration, VAT Returns e-filing, VAT Compliance Review VAT, Legal representation on all tax matters


We have a very flexible and an attractive pricing system to suit all kinds of businesses.


About Our Company

We provide VAT Consultancy, Financial Accounting and Income Tax Services to small business owners at a reasonable price & in a timely manner. We provide professional services to clients at a competitive price and will always meet your current needs on time every time.

With YAG Accounting & Tax Consultancy you will have the peace of mind and can be rest assured knowing we can take care of your accounts from start to finish.


Businesses We Serve

  • Corporations

  • Self-employed Individuals

  • Sole Proprietorships

  • Professional Corporations

Industries We Serve

  • Dental & Medical Professionals

  • Health Care & Pharmacies

  • Restaurants

  • Home Builders

  • Construction & General Contractors

  • IT Firms

  • Garages

  • Newspaper Publishers

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Services We Provide


VAT in the UAE

The Value Added Tax, or VAT, is a tax on consumption & is collected on business transactions and imports. The basic principle is to charge VAT at each stage in the supply of goods and services (output tax).

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VAT Compliance

VAT registered business must record, assess and report its VAT obligations to the tax authority in accordance with the applicable law

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VAT Adjustment

As a partially exempt business you’re required to review the VAT you’ve reclaimed over the previous twelve months and make an annual adjustment. What should you be looking out for to ensure you’ve maximized your claim?

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Other FAQs

Owning and operating a business in Canada means you have some legal responsibilities.
CRA requires regular reporting of Canadian sales tax, payroll taxes, and income taxes.
Each province and territory has their own tax related requirements as well.

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