We can incorporate your existing or new business, either federally or provincially, at very low rate.

Same day service for Ontario Corporation. Next day for Federal corporation. Once we complete the incorporation process, you will provided with the necessary documents such as certificate of incorporation, name registration, business number and if required a GST/HST account number.

A corporation is different from a sole proprietorship or partnership in one important way: it is a separate legal entity. A corporation has a separate legal existence independent from the owners of the business. A corporation can buy, own & sell property, sue & be sued. Corporations are taxed separately from their owners. Therefore a corporation must file its own income tax return. Why should a business incorporate?

There are many tax advantages to incorporating your business, such as

  • Lower income tax rates
  • Carrying losses forward offset profits in subsequent years.
  • Income splitting
  • Limited liability
  • Income Control
  • Potential Tax Deferral
  • Qualify for Small Business Tax Deduction
  • Corporations Carry On – unlimited life span
  • Capital acquisition

Incorporating – Provincial vs. Federal

Federal incorporation if your business needs the nationwide business name protection, or if your business is or will be operating internationally.
Provincial incorporation if your business is and plans to be operating primarily within one province.